Keeping preschoolers busy at home can be a challenging task at times. But filling their day with activities that will help them later in life is always a good idea. Certain activities should be done at home with children. Creating and sticking to a routine helps preschoolers know when to expect playtime and when to expect activity time.

One important activity is helping children practice their handwriting. Using pencil and paper, the best way to start is by letting them trace some basic words. However, connect-the-dots can also be a useful activity because it helps them learn hand-eye coordination. Even letting preschoolers make letters out of play-doh or shaving cream is a start.

Another important activity is teaching them to count. While simply reciting numbers is boring to most preschoolers, turning it into a game makes it more interesting for them. Any game where they have something to count can help develop their skills while still entertaining them. The more hands-on a project is, the sooner preschoolers will learn.

Exposing preschoolers to music is also an important part of their development. Using everyday household items to create musical instruments is one way to get started. Music classes and trivia games can also help enrich their minds and appreciate music that they can carry into adulthood.

Any game that helps children learn is one worth teaching them. Preschoolers do best when they are first introduced to games to learn to identify colors, farm animals, shapes, and numbers. As they get older, games about more advanced subjects such as history and anatomy can be taught to help further develop their skills and interests.

While teaching preschoolers their colors is also ideal for enriching and improving their motor skills. This can be accomplished by using packs of small pom poms in various colors and having a preschooler divide them into piles based on what colors they are.

Preschoolers also need to start learning basic math skills. Something as simple as watching a sports game on TV can be a good place to start. Task the child with counting the number of players that are participating in the game.

These are just a few of the activities that help preschool-age children learn and develop their skills.