Parents can interact with their children this summer by providing them learning activities. These summer activities will engage young minds, foster their self-confidence and provide them enjoyment. Some of these activities are printable and cost nothing; others involve ordinary household materials and are hands-on. The printable activities include descriptions and directions. Here are a few of the activities that parents can choose:

Number Identification and Counting

There are a dozen packs of activities from which to select. More than matching or guessing activities, these printable pages include cards with different themes, such as the holidays, number identification, counting, and subtilizing skills (recognizing a group of numbers without counting).

Included in this pack are more than 320 pages of printable counting cards for preschoolers. It also features 16 different themes for use throughout the various seasons, ranging from snowflakes to autumn leaves.

Practice with Letters and Spelling

One outdoor exercise is to fill a kiddie pool with water in the warm weather and throw in plastic letters that the children can fish out with the child nets sold in discount stores. The children can match their letters with ones written on the sidewalk or driveway. Parents can teach them to say the words and read them back. Children can write the words when they hear them as they learn more, rather than seeing them first. (This exercise is good for tactile learners.)

Five Little Fishes Song and Counting

Several versions of this song are available, but one on YouTube is sung by normal-sounding singers, who offer cute hand motions as they count youngsters enjoying imitating. Also, with created giant dice from square tissue boxes, adults can draw items on the individual die. Children seek the matching items from a list, crossing them out. Older children can have two dice for a math game in which they add, subtract or multiply numbers as they roll the dice.

Holiday Learning Activities

Since Independence Day is always a big occasion, the adults can keep the youngsters occupied with several activities while preparing the food and entertainment for this holiday. Playing a memory game is such an occupying activity. Using pairs of paper plates with items drawn on them, such as words, numbers, shapes, etc., parents can mix them and spread the leaves upside down on the lawn for the children to find the matches.

I Spy pages

Adults can download the Ocean I Spy page and find all the matches to the various creatures of the sea.