The idea of going to school without their parents can be daunting for some children, especially the younger ones who have never been. They might throw an earth-shattering tantrum, refuse to get in the car, or cling to their parents like never before. Just know it will all be ok. They need a little help and guidance from their loving parents.

Kids love to know what to expect. Talk with them, and help them understand what to expect. A great way to do this is to play pretend school with their favorite stuffed animals or dolls. Let them be the teacher and decide what to teach! Pull out crayons, markers, paper, and have a great time pretending school together.

Take a trip to your local library and find some books about school. There are many options, and the librarian would love to help any child find the perfect book to help calm their fears. There is an excellent book out there for every child to read whether there are nerves about the first day or an ongoing problem at school.

Another way to help young children ease into school is to meet with the school and talk to the teachers. Seeing the place where they will be will help many children become comfortable and even look forward to school.

Lastly, be a good role model. Kids can sense when a parent is unsure of a situation, and that feeling will transfer to them. Wake them up with a smile, and greet them with a big good morning hug before going to school. Be confident and encouraging in attitude and word choice, and be excited for them as they start this new chapter of life. Help them become excited about going to school by picking out the food they will eat at lunchtime or their clothes. Involve them in the process of preparing for school, and their excitement will grow. 


Finally, when they come home at the end of the day, have their favorite snack waiting for them. Let them enjoy it and relax, and then instead of asking for every detail, say something like, “What was the best part of the day?” All children will feel loved and appreciated when their parents show interest in such a big part of their life, and it will also set them up for academic success.