Positive learning environments are the key to students’ academic, emotional, and social success in learning. The thing with positive learning environments is that they don’t just happen, they must be created. For it to work, help is needed from educators, students, and even parents. The best time to start developing a positive learning environment is during the first days, weeks, and months of the school year, but it’s never too late. Here are some ways to foster a positive learning environment in your classroom.


Introduce Yourself

Always get to know your students but also let them get to know you through an introduction presentation. Create a video or introduction letter telling your students about yourself, your interests, your hobbies, talents and aspirations. Students are more likely to open up to someone they’re familiar with and know well.

Make Learning Relevant

The more relevant a topic or subject is to a student, the more engaged they’ll be in the learning process. When teaching math, science, and history, find ways to connect the lesson to the interests of students and their age group. It’s very important to discover the interests and learning styles of each student when you’re first introduced so you know what will work for the school year. Consider adjusting teaching strategies to meet the needs of students and you’ll see them become more engaged than ever before.

Motivate Students

Feeling good about themselves is a huge motivator for younger students and nothing makes them feel that more than positive actions. Actions are preceded by thoughts. Motivating students to understand that by changing a negative thought to a positive they can produce positive actions will help them feel good about themselves. Motivating them in ways they’ve never experienced before in a learning environment will change them for the better and will be noticed by educators they come across after you.

Respond with Positivity 

Positivity is a key component to a positive learning environment. Always interact with students in a positive manner and maintain a positive attitude to create successful students.  Regardless of the situation, there is always a way to respond to and interact with students in a positive tone and manner. Students carry most of what they learn in a classroom with them for the rest of their lives.