Sending off a child to kindergarten is one of the most memorable moments for a parent. Kindergarten is the first step in a child’s education, and children go through much growth and development during this first year. This is why a preschooler must develop the critical skills they need to be successful in kindergarten.

Pre-Reading Skills

By the end of kindergarten, your child will be on their road to reading. This means that before they begin kindergarten, it is essential they have mastered their pre-reading skills. This includes:

      • Identifying all letters of the alphabet
      • Being able to say the sounds each letter makes
      • Knowing which way a book is held and that the pages turn from left to right
      • Identify some basic sight words, such as “the,” “no,” and “yes”

Writing Skills

Those first pictures that your child drew and colored are their first stop to developing excellent handwriting. Help them hone these writing skills so that they will be able to write the letters and words they learn in kindergarten. Start by helping your child hold their pencil correctly. They should pinch near the top of the pencil and let the rest of their fingers naturally grasp the rest of it. Next, have them practice tracing shapes, lines, and letters until they are ready to do them independently.

Social Skills

Your child will need to learn basic social skills to help them communicate with their teacher and make friends at school. They should be able to speak using complete sentences, be comfortable making their needs known, and know the basics of having a conversation.

Self-Management and Hygiene Skills

Being able to take care of himself or herself will not only help your child but will also take some pressure off of their teacher. Sit down with your child and help them learn how to:

      • Tie their shoes
      • Zip up their jacket
      • Put on their gloves
      • Button their pants
      • Wash and dry their hands
      • Open their milk or juice box
      • Open their snack bags
      • Clean up after themself

Don’t be stressed if your child isn’t where they should be yet. Take the time and make a plan to help your child develop and work on these skills now so that the transition to kindergarten will be smooth and successful.