As the school year ends, your preschooler will have to say goodbye to their teachers and schoolmates. Even though they may see some of their friends through the summer, this is going to be an upsetting experience for your child. While they may not fully understand that the change is only temporary, you can take steps to alleviate their fears and confusion.

Talk About Changes

If your child seems sad about preschool ending, talk to them about their experiences. You can listen as your child shares the memories they have of the past year, including the friendships they have made. You can also discuss how your child has changed throughout the year. This is an excellent way to show that school provides learning experiences over a more extended period. Your conversation should end by helping your child understand that there will be more good times and friendships in the future as they return to school.

Visit Their New Classroom

You can help your child accept the end of preschool and embrace the future of kindergarten by showing them their new classroom. If you visit soon after the end of the school year, artwork and other classroom work may still be pinned to the walls. This will help your child see the kinds of activities they will participate in as they return to school. It can also give you ideas for helping your child get a head start on their lessons.

Arrange Playdates

You should encourage your child to stay in touch with the friends they have made over the past year. On the last day of school, talk to the parents of your child’s friends. You can exchange contact information and start making plans for playdates throughout the summer. Much of your child’s sadness will be alleviated once they see that the end of preschool doesn’t necessarily mean the end of their friendships.

You can also help your child transition from preschool to summer by making their last day as memorable as possible. You can let them bring treats for the class or make a homemade gift for their teacher. This will help by giving your child a constructive outlet for their emotions while also helping to make that last day a happier memory.