Children tend to be very sociable, but some children are shy or a little more reserved. For those children, it may be necessary to make a little more effort to help them get involved with the other students in the class. You can adopt the following tips to help you modify how you interact with students to encourage more involvement from everyone in the class.

Form a Relationship Right Away

As each new student arrives, their parents will introduce you to them. This is an opportunity to help each child feel welcome in the classroom. You should make an extra effort to get to know the child right away. The first thing you should do is encourage the parents to say goodbye and make a quick exit. This will help avoid a situation in which the parents sneak away, and the child feels abandoned.

Build Trust in the Classroom

Your goal should be to help your students build trust with one another. The first step in this process is to build trust between you and each of the children. Since each child’s parents left them in your care, you already have some degree of trust established. You should work on building this trust by becoming a friend to each child. Once they feel comfortable with you, the children will become more trusting of one another.

Organize Group Activities

Arranging activities that include everyone in the class will also be very helpful. Group activities will put the children in situations in which they will have to communicate with one another. As they get to know each other through these activities, they will become more open to forming friendships. This will encourage the children in your preschool group to involve one another in a variety of different activities. As a result, even the shyest children in your preschool group will feel included and get more involved in social activities.

If you do notice that a child seems less active in group activities, you should talk to the child’s parents. They may have suggestions to help you get the child to participate in more group activities. Once they begin involving themselves in class, they will make new friends with the other children.