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Classy Kids is an award-winning, one-of-the-kind early childhood education program based in Greenville, South Carolina. A family business through and through, we understand that when it comes to picking a preschool for your children, you want a place and a group of people that feels like an extension of your own family. 

The Classy Kids Difference

The team at Classy Kids is proud to know about parents’ job promotions and new additions to the family (cute puppies, anyone?). Most importantly, we understand that our job is to love your child like it is one of our own and to provide the support they need to grow and prosper. Committed to providing the highest quality education, Classy Kids strives to help the children in their care grow not only intellectually, but emotionally, physically, and socially. 

We provide a supportive environment, discouraging competitive attitudes while promoting a healthy perspective for challenges so that children develop strong values, positive emotions toward learning, and confidence in themselves. Classy Kids values curiosity, independence, and responsibility. Working to instill such values in the children we care for, we believe our approach will set your child up for a successful future. 

Thanks to our team of highly-qualified educators, our mission is seen to fruition day after day. Many Classy Kids teachers possess Early Childhood Education Degrees or their ECD 101, and those who teach above K3 are required to have a four-year education degree. All of our instructors are certified in Infant/Child CPR and First Aid and complete 26 hours of continuing education every two years. What’s more, Classy Kids’ teacher to child ratios are in-line with Advocates for Better Childcare, ABC, First Steps, and South Carolina DSS. 

Classy Kids offers programs for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, elementary aged students, and even tweens. Each program features daily reports and weekly lesson plans that help keep you up to date with your child’s educational journey and progress. We also deeply encourage taking advantage of our open-door policy for a deeper look at your child’s development. Classy Kids instructors know that when they work together with parents, they are better equipped to offer the individualized support and instruction your child requires.

At Classy Kids, we understand the important role we play in our community—we’ve been in operation for over three decades, helping our neighbors and their children prosper. As such, we’ve made philanthropy and advocacy a large part of our mission to ensure our team and families have the opportunity to give back and create an even better community. 

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